I’m Sam, a creative problem solver, nerd and obsessive organiser

Hey Lady, thanks for stopping by

I started Above & Below Design Studio for a way to help other women led small to medium businesses elevate their online presence. I wanted to create a space where you don’t have to be mansplained to or feel uncomfortable. I come from a technical and design expertise, some people refer to this as a unicorn. In short it means that you will have me working on your project from start to finish, designing and developing your website. Having this skillset allows me to create unique websites that not only look fantastic but are functional as well. I’ll answer all your questions and give you the personalised attention that your brand needs. 

I help women owned lifestyle and homewares businesses increase their sales and their brand awareness by delivering beautiful functional websites through web strategy. I am passionate about helping businesses in this space define the problem and come up with unique solutions to solve it with my design and development skills.

So a little bit about me

Born on the South Coast of NSW. From 14 I wanted to be a web designer and well I made it! 

The internet was so very young back in the early 2000’s and I have seen it change and evolve since then. Dabbling in early websites like Blogger I quickly found my love for coding. If you didn’t see me on the computer I had a pencil in my hand drawing. I have a Bachelor of Graphic Design further cementing my love for design and art. Since then I have learnt many skills including coding websites from scratch, then making my way into WordPress and Shopify. I love a challenging problem and I think that I have a great out of the box thinking when it comes to organising that I can help optimise product listings and management to make my clients lives easier.

I want my kids to have a healthy world so you might also find me recycling, at an op-shop or buying environmentally sustainable products.

Fast forward to now

Being a Mum of 2 boys I am always trying to pass my knowledge onto them. You will find me on the Soccer field sidelines as one of those mums yelling encouragement and doing arts & crafts with them. We also go canoeing, 4WDing and fishing. Im my spare time I love to cook not from a recipe but from mixing ingredients and creating amazing dishes, you might also see me nerding it out and playing a game on the PS4. Design and Creation is all around us and I take great joy in being a creative problem solver.

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