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GC Interior Design

Gonia is an amazingly talented Interior Designer, having won multiple awards and worked at some prestigious companies. She works to bring thoughtful interiors that are connected, memorable and inspiring.

The Process

Gonia came to me looking to have her website that she had created herself updated to look more professional and show her Portfolio in a more comprehensive way. We came up with a solution that fit both the timeframe and budget. To meet the objectives of Gonia’s website of more leads, the design style was picked and kept consistent throughout the website.

The Website Objectives were:

  • Make the website look more professional
  • Unify the design of the website and improve user experience
  • Allow the projects to be easily navigated
  • Increase leads

The Results

Gonia’s website ended up having a really high end feel with the micro interactions and the improvements from the old site. Below are some of the key points that I did to achieve this.

  • Using Gonia’s style guide I created a cohesive website with consistent colour and actions for improved user experience.
  • A projects section was added that allows her easily to add in new projects.
  • To improve her SEO, all images were re-named and optimised, Links between the projects and testimonials were created for better rankings. as her URL changed a redirect was put in place to capture those going to the old site.
  • As there was no leads within the previous website, Call to actions were placed on each page, utilising the images from within the projects to create familiarity.
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