Luxe Label Melbourne

Vicki from Luxe Label Melbourne is Australia’s premium online secondhand fashion label. Vicki is passionate about putting secondhand fashion to the forefront and making it more acceptable by being more accessible to everyone online. Vicki carefully selects preloved fashion pieces to be placed on the online store. They are all professionally laundered before going online saving users time and money. I was very excited to be working with Vicki to help make her business and brand amazing.

The Process

Vicki came to me in December 2022 after we had updated her logo and was frustrated in trying to customise her Shopify site on her own and wasting time trying to find the right theme for her store. Some of the issues that she faced were being able to display the estimated retail price on the product, sizing without having to create a variant and general layout and optimisation of the website. Not having these crucial parts of her website updated was going to impact sales and her brand as she was building it.

The website objectives that we identified:

  • Picking and customising theme with branding 
  • Updating layout on home page
  • Creating the Blog section
  • Product Customisation
  • Adding estimated retail value
  • Adding a Condition section ie Like New, Brand New With Tags
  • Standardised Style Guide 
  • Adding Vendor as Brand for easy searchability/filtering

“Working with Sam enabled us to come up with a suitable website strategy that was practical, affordable and critical for our business growth moving forward. It has made a significant difference to the look, feel and functionality of the website.”

The Results

I worked with Vicki to implement her new branding and to improve the overall User Experience of the website, these are some of the strategies that I used:

  1. Better UX on the product pages was needed to create a clear and concise experience this included a size chart,  and estimated retail price. The previous product pages had the size charts in the description, overwhelming the product pages, I created a size chart pop up that allowed for a seamless experience when the user needed to access this information. The Estimated retail price was created to quickly and easily give the user a visual on the original price and showing a comparison of what they would pay secondhand.
  2. Comprehensive product data was updated to achieve this seamless result for the user.  I implemented a condition for each product and tidied up the descriptions for each. Each product now has a Brand that it belongs to, a condition of the product and the sizing chart in an easy to access place.
  3. I ensured that the website met best SEO practices as well as helping guide Vicki to keep the aesthetic of the website.
  4. I helped Vicki identify and arrange her product data to ensure that she would be able to run her inventory smoothly and give her customers an experience to boot. Vicki had a bit of a conundrum when it came to getting the listings and product detail pages showing correctly. Most shopify stores are only really built for brand new products. Some of her products were only available in 1 size, and others multiple. For a user to be able to filter the products with size, all of the products needed variants. We worked together to create an easy to view way on the front end, and also allowed Vicki to manage her products more effectively. 

“I couldn’t recommend Sam highly enough. She is experienced, approachable, trustworthy and efficient. As a small business, we rely on Sam to help us when the website needs a tweak and she never disappoints! Our go-to partner for all things website!”

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